Kathy Chan
Videographer / Photographer / Digital Journalist
I am a senior at Temple University, majoring in Film & Media Arts, with a concentration in Cinematography and camera-operation.  
I have a burning passion in filmmaking.  I believe that it is my artist's tool, my medium, to create art that I am passionate about.  My identity as an Asian-American woman as well as my interests in social justice, social activism, and human rights has helped to inform a lot of my work.
I specialize in visual marketing and advertising, both in photography and videography, and have worked with non-profit organizations and small businesses in both Philadelphia and New York.  
I also have experience in digital journalism, as a documentary filmmaker, and have produced interviews with the Philadelphia Defender's Office, renowned  veteran Jazz tenor saxophonist: Odean Pope, and Temple University's Dance, Music and Art department.  
I have additional skills in social media marketing, project management, event planning, and digital content creation.  ​​​​​​​
Reach me by email: kathy.altea.chan@gmail.com